Alligator Data Guard

It is based on the strongest symetric AES algorithm with 256-bit key. Alligator Data Guard uses Haval 256-bit Hash Message Authentication Code (HMAC) to simultaneously verify the data integrity and the authenticity for better security. You can encrypt all your data (file, folder, disk). It is also possible to combine folders and disks into one crypto-file. The encryption process is faster than other encryption software, because it has been written in assembler language and is optimized for better performance.

 Encryption methods.
You can choose from one of four encryption methods. You can encrypt your data using password only, keyfile only, both options or password, keyfile and your hardware ID.

 Hardware ID.
Alligator Data Guard supports uniqe Hardware ID, so now you can keep your data safe, accesible only on your computer. If someone steals your encrypted data, they won't be able to decrypt it even with the correct password or keyfile ! The program generates a uniqe key, different on every machine, using your bios, disk and network adapter information. That key is 80-digits long and is very secure.

 Erasing data.
After the program encrypts your data, it can erase the source files from the disk so that it will be impossible to recover them even with the help of special software. You can choose from one of five avaliable options to wipe your data, overwrite encrypted data with zeroes through one, three, five, seven or nine passes. You can erase files immediately after encryption or manually later, using the wipe data function on the main user interface.

 Integration with Explorer.
You can add the Alligator Data Guard icon to the context menu of Windows Explorer and it will have the Encrypt/Decrypt item apparent after that. You can disable integration by clearing the corresponding checkbox on the Options button of the main window.

 Generate keyfile.
You can generate your keyfile using mouse movement or entering your digital message or by clicking on the random keyfile button. You can use your uniqe hardware ID to increase your keyfile security.

 Run at startup.
You can configure Alligator Data Guard to run at system startup, and you can also choose the option to load it directly to the system tray.

 Two method of file encrytping.
You can choose two methods of file encryption, you can overwrite an original file or you can encrypt an original file to a new file, wiping the original one.

 System tray icon.
The system tray mode is simple to use. Just click the right mouse button on program icon and select what you want to do.

 Integrate with other applications.
You can integrate Alligator Data Guard with your favourite application to protect the data. If you run your application, Alligator Data Guard will run and ask for a password to decrypt your application's data. If you close your application, Alligator Data Guard will ask for your data to be encrypted once again, measures to keep your application's data safe.

 Password Protection.
You can protect Alligator Data Guard against unauthorised access, just set a password and tick the checkbox you want to ask it for. You can protect application before you use encryption, decryption data, modifying options, run or close application. The application is using the strongest AES algorithm and code encryption to guard the access for those options.

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